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Socket cap head screws – accugroup

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Socket Cap Head Screws feature a socket for use with a Hex Key (also known as an Allen key), or an AccuScrews Socket Drive Bit. Components within this range can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including Aluminium, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, PEEK Thermoplastic and Titanium.

stainless cap screws


All products within this range are manufactured in accordance with industry standards. Socket Head Cap Screws are manufactured using a high-precision machining process, allowing tolerances of В±0.13mm to be achieved. Additional materials, thread sizes and lengths are available on request.

stainless socket cap screws


Certain products within this range are fully threaded, and others feature an unthreaded portion below the head, which is detailed in each individual product specification. If a larger unthreaded portion is required, AccuGroup’s range of Socket Shoulder Screws range may be more suitable.

stainless steel cap head screws


Vented ScrewsAccuGroup can also offer Vented Screws, which are a specially modified variant of this component.

stainless steel cap screws


MaterialsComponents within this range are available in a wide selection of materials, including A2, A4, A4-80 and Bumax Stainless Steel, 12.9 Hardened Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium, and PEEK Thermoplastic.

stainless steel hex head cap screws


Metric Cap Head ScrewsMetric Socket Head Cap Screws are available in sizes M1.4 to M30, and lengths of between 2.00mm and 500.00mm. Both partially threaded and fully threaded varieties are available.

Imperial Cap Head ScrewsImperial Socket Cap Head Screws are manufactured in sizes between #0 and 1 inch. Lengths of between 3/32 inch and 12 inch are available as standard, and are manufactured in both fully and partially threaded varieties.

Minimum Thread LengthIn accordance with DIN standards, AccuGroup’s Socket Cap Head Screws are manufactured to a minimum specified thread length – this measurement can be found within each individual product page. If this dimension is critical to your application, please contact us before placing your order. Fully Threaded Cap Head Screws are also available.

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