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Snake eye screws

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The attractive appearance of these two hole snake eye screws make them a firm favourite with architects and designers as well as users.

white screws


Our stock range of two hole screws include; self tapping snake eye screws and metric machine screws, including the ever popular raised countersunk electrical screws.

collated screws


We are also able to supply bespoke manufactured Pig Nose Bolts to your specified requirements, but these are obviously subject to a small manufacturing lead-time.

eye screws


Bespoke pig-nose screws and bolts, can be produced in small quantities if required, so if you have an application which would benefit from the aesthetic presence of these attractive fastenings please call us for details of price and manufacturing leadtime.

panel screws



Two Hole screws are used for a wide range of safety and security applications.

They are a popular choice for securing various types of panelling in position. This modern, glass building sign, is secured with Two Hole Screws (see inset picture for detail), while Glass Stair Rail Panels or Balcony Panels are also typically fixed in position with this type of screw.

They are also a popular choice for high profile applications such as securing the decorative metal lining panels installed in public areas at some refurbished London Underground stations.

Because these versatile security fixings are manufactured from stainless steel, they are ideal for internal or outdoor applications.

Bespoke manufactured mating Two-Hole Machine Screws and Barrel Nuts as shown here, are widely used for securing glass panels in position.

Note: Two Hole security screws are not recommended for high torque applications (Pin Torx Screws or Pin Hex security screws are more suitable for high torqe applications)


Stock units are manufactured from A2 grade Stainless Steel, and are available in a range of sizes, head types and thread types

These screws require a matching Two Hole Security Driver to install or remove them, which must be ordered separately.

Matching security driver tooling is required and must be ordered separately

Tooling options for snakeye Screws include; Two Hole Security Driver Bits and a One Piece Two Hole Security Screwdriver.

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