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Plastic screws from misumi in numerous versions

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MISUMI plastic screws are available in numerous versions to meet any type of requirement that screws in machinery construction need to fulfil.

feed screw


The various materials used for plastic MISUMI screws and their mechanical properties

MISUMI plastic screws are available made from various types of plastic with differing properties making them ideal for the most varied of uses:

plastic screws


RENY в€’ Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyamide MXD6: RENY is based on polyamide MXD6 and crystalline engineering grade plastic that has been reinforced with 50% glass fibres. RENY is the strongest and most elastic of the engineering grade plastics and exhibits excellent oil and heat resistance.

screws and nails


PPS ” Polyphenylene sulphide: PPS is an excellent crystalline engineering grade plastic. It features excellent heat resistance, even when used over long periods in high temperatures, leaving its physical properties intact. It is also very resistant to chemicals, features mechanical and electrical properties and dimensional stability.

log hog screws


PEEK ” Polyether ether ketone: PEEK is a very well performing semi-crystalline engineering grade plastic. It possesses the highest degree of chemical resistance of all engineering grade plastics. PEEK can only be dissolved in concentrated sulphuric acid. It has excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, flames and hydrolysis.

Pan head plastic screws with cross recess

This type of plastic screw is common and is available in PPS and PEEK versions. The available lengths are 6 to 20mm, the head diameter can be between 2.6 and 6mm. Screw head diameters can be between 4.5mm and 10.5mm. Every pack contains 100 units. Please note: The surface colours of the plastic cross-recessed pan head screws can vary depending on production batch and other manufacturing conditions.

Plastic screws with hex socket

Also available are plastic screws with hex sockets. This version is also available with plastic nuts and washers.

Plastic screws

Plastic screws are available in lengths of between 15 and 30mm. They can be used as columns with an external thread on one side in conjunction with plastic hexagon spacers on both sides.

Plastic screws with flat or extra flat head

The hex socket version is available with a flat or extra flat head. The height of the head ranges between 1 to 4mm depending on the version.

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