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And1 players

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Thousands of youngsters owe it big time to the AND1 players. These guys do nothing but inspiring others to LOVE the game and see it as a way of life.

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Who are the guys behind the scenes? What are their roles? It matters not. What does matter, is the main “actors” in this brilliant “show” on the streets.

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Here are the “responsible” for this…

Rafer Alston a.k.a. Skip To My Lou is a streetball legend who made it all the way to the NBA. He’s an average, maybe little above average player in the NBA because he’s going up against strong, very well paid, team players who love to win. On the streets as a player, he’s real good.

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With such a variety of moves he’ll make your head spin. The nickname “Skip To My Lou” or “Skip 2 My Lou” stemmed because of his tendency to skip while dribbling the ball upcourt.

Philip Champion a.k.a. Hot Sauce is one of the AND1 stars who first appeared in the Mixtape Volume 3. He’s perhaps the most wanted since Skip To My Lou because of his ability to clown so many good players.

The moves, up his sleeve go on and on. Hot Sauce claims to have over one hundred moves. The most famous ones are “The Windmill”, “The Hypnotizer”, “The Hurricane” and “The Boomerang”.

John Humphrey a.k.a. Helicopter is a scoring machine with a frightening offensive moves. He’s played in Japan, the high schools West Carteret and Oak Hill Academy. The Helicopter finished second in the NCAA Final Four dunking contest.

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