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What does suede mean – definition of suede – word finder

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Usage examples of “suede”.

Her beplumed hat floated in a pool of disfiguring water, her long suede gloves lay in a ditch and her white satin wedding slippers, alas, hung by their tiny heels at the top of a tree in a neighboring township, the only tree in the entire surrounding county, put there, in all probability, to catch and hold them for her.

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The bong was half a meter tall and had a weighted base covered in soft false suede.

She grabbed the flogger and crossing the kitchen, she popped the hard, rubber plug into her pocket and turned to go upstairs, to her waiting lover, and a session with soft suede.

waxed suede shoes


He was dressed for work: blue hopsack blazer, gray slacks, white shirt stretched tight over his belly, blue and gray plaid tie tugged loose, suede desert boots in need of new soles.

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The sienna suede jacket, pencil-legged faded denims, and white tank top were too severe for her cameo looks, but as Keri put it, she preferred leather over lace.

suede school shoes


He looked into the eyes of that photograph and saw right through them to the backdrop of marbleized suede every kid had to sit in front of under a hot light.

His arms pumping, his robe splayed open with each stride, to reveal long legs and ankle-high suede boots with pointed toes.

Five minutes later Channa was facing her mother, who was dressed in a soft rose-coloured tunic, darker hose and soft suede ankle boots – typical uplands leisure wear.

The outfit she wore was a black-and-white geometric print, a washable silk jacket over a long black tunic top, her long loose skirt brushing the tops of black suede boots.

The Shandorian reached into her scarlet silken sleeve, produced a sueded pouch, offered it to Bardel with a small obeisance.

Smiling, handsomely clad in a red silk shirt and a black suede jerkin laced with scarlet cord, Melder sauntered up to inspect his prize.

She interrupted him by rushing at him as you would rush at a tackling dummy, surrounding him, beginning to soak the suede jacket with all those overdue tears.

With his right hand, Penn Brown squeezes his left forearm, where the sleeve of his suede cardigan is bulked out by a bandage.

A pair of brown suede Gucci pants looked as though they could turn any schlub into a supermodel, while two pairs of perfectly faded Marc Jacobs jeans looked like they were custom cut for my body.

She tugged at the laces that bound it and unrolled the suede pouch to reveal a long, bejeweled white dress.

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