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2015 massive trend alert: suede!

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The thing about suede is that it’s so much more than just a fabric, don’t you think? This plain ol’ borderline cowboy texture has the incredible ability to take us places and decades we’ll never go to (unless we time travel of course), while having the major fashion ability to be all at once.

suede gibson shoes


It blends with any outfit, making it look retro sophisticated, it stands on its own in head-to-toe understated glamour.

brown suede shoes outfit


Suede is a statement. But without the fuss.

Depending on how you wear it, and the actual clothes you choose to have on your back – SUEDE can be 70s, 90s or today.

kids suede shoes


I guess this fabric takes us mostly to the glamorous and decadent 70s:В suede trench-coats, suede knee-length skirts, suede cowboy jackets… Usually in brown, nude, taupe… It’s everyday-chic, and effortless, and I bet it’s something both our mothers and fathers used to wear.

In the 90s, ah… there were those high waisted A-line mini skirts in suede. I had like 3 of them in black, blue, and brown. And if I (theВ total fashion-outsider) had them, I’m guessing everyone else did.

Then there were of course those 90s suede jackets that were actually 70s reminiscent.

And here we are today…

With their 2015 Spring/Summer collections designers have called it a sure thing: SUEDE is to be this summer’s biggest trend! I blame it on the 70s comeback and our lust for all effortless yet slightly glamorous and feminine with a twist of sexy things and looks.

Women want to feel comfy but wanna look hot doing so. Hence the suede dresses with high slits and V-plunging necklines, the suede trenches over short shorts. Everything is suede. And it’s fucking brilliant cause there is a casual trait to this fabric mixed with enticing hotness. It literally feels like a second skin.

Oh and those thigh high suede boots. Everyone just take a moment to sigh.

Yes. Nothing will ever beat thigh high suede boots in grey, black, or nude, and the reason for that is because unlike leather boots, suede looks less pretentious (although it’s actually more) and less vamp’ish but more sophisticated.

Picture this: suede thigh-high-boots, lace slip on dress with a slit and a chunky oversized sweater on top. Or leather pants, oversized sweater and suede thigh high boots over. Can I get an ‘Amen’.

So ladies… why the hell wait until spring when we know damn well in fashion months spring basically comes right after New Year’s. Besides we love the practice and some of the suede clothes are really a better fit for crispier weather. Right?

Here we go then…

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