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The 4 best impact socket sets reviews 2016

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For an impact socket set backed by manufacturing and warranty situated in the U.S.A. look no further than the SK Hand Tools 4090 40-Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 6 Point Fractional/Metric High Visibility Impact Socket SuperSet. These sockets from SK make use of SK’s exclusive high visibility technology, each having a coating of rust preventative material, engraved every 120 degrees with enlarged markings making each socket easy to identify. SK’s SureGrip hex design breaks the conventional means of driving the hex from the corner, and instead transfers torque from the side of the hex. In this way, these forty impact sockets avoid rounding older or damaged fasteners.

allen socket set


When using any socket from this set, one gains the advantage of maximum extension due to the nose-down design allowing for the taper to extend further than normal. SK Handtools have supplied an impact socket set that excels in all areas, utilizing many unique engineering developments to construct these innovative sockets. They are sure to last, holding both their performance and exterior aesthetics for many years to come.

allen socket wrench


Always Use the Right Size

Choose to purchase the best impact socket set that you could afford.В  Remember the old but wise saying:В  the cheap man buys twice.В  High-quality sets of impact sockets, with a bit of care, will surely last you a lifetime.В  Lost impact sockets are often replaceable, especially when purchasing a set from a reputable manufacturer. Having a wide range of socket sizes at your disposal ensures that you will never cause any damage to the impact sockets themselves, always try to use the most precise measurement of socket possible.В  Good luck!

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