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A set of wrenches that focus on simplicity – design milk

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  • 6 Comments Greg on 12.16.2015 at 14:32 PM
  • Standard wrenches are actually very simple and very well designed – these are a step backward in design. Excess material being used, poor design due to the head of the wrench not being able to access bolts in confined areas, and poor design by eliminating the enclosed end of the wrench. How was this included on a design blog?

    angled socket wrench set


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  • Ste on 12.17.2015 at 09:41 AM
  • Couldn’t agree more. Utter ‘designer’ nonsense.
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  • Mark Bayly on 12.19.2015 at 08:05 AM
  • So annoying to see this stuff trumpeted as design. Art maybe? But it fails on so many functional, ergonomic, cost, sustainability and performance points. What problem does it solve or need does it fulfill? schneider sarto should stick to architecture. This has not been designed.

    pink socket wrench set


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  • Mark Bayly on 12.19.2015 at 08:08 AM
  • Ahh….. It’s just an indegogo regurgitation to fill out space. No editorial thought applied here.

    set of wrenches


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  • Dan on 12.16.2015 at 16:42 PM
  • New does not equal better.
  • The best approach to design, is to have actually used the product before making arbitrary improvements. I get the sense that this person has never actually used a wrench. I can’t imagine applying much torque without killing my hand, and it’s obviously too wide to fit into most spaces.

    socket wrench set india


    This is the industrial design equivalent of Justin Bieber covering Paint it Black.

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  • Kotto on 12.16.2015 at 22:55 PM
  • Simply nice dedign!
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