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Rear bench seat protector with non-slip backing and middle seat zipper – parachute pet products

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REMOVABLE ZIPPER FLAP ALLOWS MIDDLE SEATBELT & CONSOLE USE: Our patent pending technology finally solves the problem of other car seats where you can’t access the middle seatbelt or middle seat console. This new universal fit design solves that so you can have your dog and multiple people in backseat or use the fold down cupholders.

car backseat cover


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + FREE RETURNS! If you already spent thousands of dollars on your car, then it would be prudent to invest in protecting your seats. With our brand, you are covered by our satisfaction guarantee.

backseat car covers


NEW FRICTION NON-SLIP MATERIAL ON THE BACKSIDE: In the 2nd photo, you can see the textured dots on the backside that help create a high friction grip to any seat. And the plastic tube anchor on the backside lock down the cover to the seat.

seat covers for backseat of car


MACHINE WASHABLE AND EASY TO WIPE DOWN: We dare you to get your dog as wet and dirty as possible, have him roll around in the grass and dirt, and see how easy it is to get the stains and smell out after 1 hand or machine wash (lasts for 100’s of washes)! This cover is 100% waterproof. Perfect for dogs that shed a lot – hair doesn’t stick to it so it’s easy to wipe off with a damp cloth or run it through the machine wash!

seat covers for backseat


HOW TO MEASURE IF IT FITS YOUR CAR? Our covers fit most cars. But to be sure, take a minute to measure the backseat of your car. Our seat cover is 55″ wide. If your seat is between 50-58″, then it should work great. And if it doesn’t, you can return it for a full refund.

PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGY: Do you ever need to use all 3 seatbelts in the backseat? Other seat cover models block access to the middle seatbelt and the middle seat console, but our new patent pending technology finally solves this problem by using a zipper removable flap in the middle seat. Check out the pictures to believe it.В We tested dozens of materials, sizes, quilts, waterproof backings, and more before we finally arrived at the perfect design that we call… RUGGED LUXURY!

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