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Keep your car seats pristine with custom automotive seat covers. You do a lot of living in your car, and chances are you want to protect the investment you made in your vehicle. Whether you transport kids, drive with your dog as your co-pilot, or eat lunch while you’re driving down the freeway, a custom seat cover can protect your car from daily wear and tear. Carcoversdirect.com has a huge selection of custom seat covers made to fit your vehicle’s exact make, model, and year. Whether you have bucket seats or bench seats, Carcoversdirect.com’s automotive seat covers are offered in custom patterns for both the front and the rear seats.

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Spruce it Up with an Attractive Seat Cover

If you’ve already done a lot of living in your vehicle and you need to hide some damage, vehicle seat covers are the perfect way to refresh the look of your car’s interior. Because our seat covers are custom fit to your automobile’s make, model, and year, they conform to the shape of your seat, fitting seamlessly into your auto’s interior.

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Choose the Look You Want

With multiple fabric and color options, you can choose a seat cover that suits your own personal style. Available seat cover fabrics, patterns and finishes include:

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  • Additional Benefits
  • Blocks seats from sun damage
  • Makes seats slip resistant
  • Adds a layer of breathability between you and the upholstery for hot days

  • Increased comfort
  • Find Your Perfect Match
  • Ready to find the perfect seat cover for you? Select your vehicle’s make, model, and year to get started!

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    Our Promise

    At Carcoversdirect, we understand how much your vehicle means to you and

    know why you want to protect it. That’s why our custom-fit covers are

    designed specifically around the dimensions of your automobile. The

    patterns are made to accommodate the exact make, model, year, and

    configuration of your vehicle, thus providing the snuggest fit possible.

    With a tight fitting cover you will have the optimum amount of protection

    from the elements. Whether it is wind, rain, or even dust, you can be

    assured that your vehicle is protected.

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