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Things to know

When choosing seat covers, there are a few points which need to be covered off first. Once you have decided which seats you wish to cover ” e.g. front, rear ” check if they have any of the following:

car bench seat covers


  • If they have airbags
  • If the seats have armrests
  • If the headrests are adjustable or built-in
  • If they have built in DVD players or screens
  • If they do, the size you want may not be available, however a Tailor Made solution may be available instead. You can get exactly what you need in a wide range of fabrics, styles and colours.

    covers for seats in car


    How do I choose?

    Each seat cover is made to a generic size with the only differences being in how the cover fits over headrests or whether it is safe for seats fitted with side impact airbags. Most seat covers come with adjustable straps which allow it to be tighened and adjusted to suit your specifc seat.

    fabric car seat covers


    Size 60 or 60/25 and 30 or 30/45

    The Size 60 or 60/25 is a one piece seat cover which will cover your headrest. While the Size 30 or 30/45 have a separate piece for a headrest, which means your headrest remains adjustable once the seat cover is fitted.

    seat covers car


    Size 30A or 30 Deploy Safe

    The 30A or 30 Deploy Safe is for front seats with airbags installed. They allow side airbags to deploy in an emergency. The size 30 Deploy Safe uses specialized stitching that allows airbags to deploy while the 30A leaves the airbag uncovered. Both also have a separate piece for headrests that allow them to stay fully adjustable. You need to use these if airbags are installed in the seats.

    Size 06/06H

    The 06H universal rear cover includes 3 separate headrest covers for full functionality of adjustable headrests where the 06 doesn’t. Be aware that neither allows for folding seats or armrests.

    Size 90 The size 90 is for a front high back bench style seat.

    Size A or Size 301

    The Size A or 301 is for a front bucket seat and Вѕ bench, common in utes or vans. While it does allow for full functionality of adjustable headrests, it doesn’t allow for a cut-away in the Вѕ bench for the gear stick.

    Size B or Size 401

    The Size B or 401 also caters for a front bucket seat and Вѕ bench but it DOES allow for a cut-away in the Вѕ bench for the gear stick. It also allows full functionality of an adjustable headrest.

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