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Plumbing tools

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Plumbing problems can happen in no time. Every day, homeowners are facing different problems on their pipes, fixtures, pipe fittings, faucets and other plumbing pipes issues and concerns. With that, it is very important that you are equipped with all the needed plumbing tools so that when problems occur, you can immediately fix it. However in case plumbing is not your field of expertise and you lack skills in doing pex plumbing tasks, hiring the best plumber would be a good idea.

easy out plumbing tool


Plumbers have the capability to perform detailed installation as well as repair work on home fixtures and water pipes. These professionals are using their plumbing tools along with their expert knowledge in order to efficiently bend and fix pipes into place, clear blockages and prevent leaks. There are lots of specialized plumber tools as well as materials, which are essential to their job including pliers, pipe cutters, ratchets, plungers, closet augers, tapes, glues and plumber’s snakes.

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The fixtures and pipes installed in a building or house requires an expert in order to use many different plumber tools. Plumbers would usually bend along and make use of appropriate tools as well as pliers so that they would fit in on the given space, either under a sink, wall or other spaces in your house. They would treat joints using plumber’s putty, tape or glue in order to prevent leaks and secure pieces together with large ratchet or monkey wrench. Aside from that, plumbers also make use of the smaller handheld screwdrivers and wrenches in order to fit drain faucets and covers into place.

plumbing rodding tools


Most of the professionals who specialize in plumbing repair jobs for business establishments and homes use varied types of plumber tools to clear drains as well as pipes. If there is blockage in sink, toilet or bathtub that prevents the water from draining, they will try to use a plunger in order to loosen the gunk and the build-up from the pipe walls. If in case the plunger would not be that effective, they make use of closet auger or plumber’s snake to finish the job on time.

There are also plumbers who specialize in fitting and laying large pressurized water pipes and steams. They make use of shovels in order to dig trenches along with benders and metal cutters in order to shape large pipes. They also use large wrenches to secure the joints together. To give you more details about the varied types of plumbing tools, below is a list:

º Tongue and Groove Pliers ” These are the pliers which are commonly used by plumbers if they need to pull, grab, twist, tighten, hold, or loosen something.

º Propane Torch ” This tool is needed if you will sweat pipe fittings and copper pipe. Along with this tool, you would also need to have the self-igniting torch head which lights up every time you squeeze it with force. This is much more convenient compared to matches and striker.

º Metal Files ” The function of metal files is to remove burrs as well as to make the edges of metal pipes smoother right after cutting. Plumbers would choose to have two files on hand ” the half-round with flat and rounded surfaces, and the rat-tail file with tapered and round surfaces.

º Hacksaw ” Plumbers would use versatile saw to cut through hardware, metal pipe, nuts, screws, plastic pipe and bolt efficiently. They always make sure that the blade is tense in the frame for tough cuts.

º Pipe Wrench ” This tool is designed to loosen or tighten threaded pipes, nuts and fittings. For holding and gripping, you would need to two pipe wrenches. The serrated teeth of the wrench help in holding the grip however; it can damage the finish touch of the fixture.

º Tubing Cutter ” This essential tool is providing the cleanest and the quickest way to cut the copper pipe. The close-quarter minicutter and standard-sized tubing cutter can work even on tight spaces.

º Adjustable Wrench ” Such kind of versatile tool is needed for working on supply lines, compression fittings, and other plumbing parts with hex-shaped nuts.

º Plunger ” This tool is considered as the best friend of every plumber. This is one of the first tools grabbed if there are dislodge clogs from tubs, sinks, showers, toilets as well as floor drains. It helps in vacuuming the clog out and prevents it from going deeper.

º Closet Auger ” This tool is specifically designed to be used on toilets. The long steel cable of Closet auger is tough and durable enough to grind through even the most stubborn clogs.

When it comes to plumbing problems, there are lots of appropriate plumbing tools and equipment in the market. These tools have been designed to help every homeowner or business owner make sure that their property is free from any plumbing issue.

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