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What do you carry your tools in? tool bag,box or bucket boss? -

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Re: what do you carry your tools in? tool bag,box or bucket boss?

I think it really depends on what type of work you do. I’ve used a lot of different rigs over the years, each one optimized for the specific type of work I was doing at the time. Some of the stuff I’ve purchased, others I’ve built, and much of it was a combination of both.

husky 20 tool bag


Some common concepts that run throughout my best designs are:

1. Modularity- the most important- ability to add or subtract components as required

2. Visuality- I have to be able have all tools visible, nothing buried

3. Simplicity- nothing too complicated or fussy

4. Durability- No fine furniture or easily broken plastic parts, or small components to fall off

5. Flexibility- No rigid systems- sometimes I just need to throw stuff in and run

6. Compactness- size (or lack of) matters

7. Portability- stuff needs to be on wheels whenever possible, handle stairs, and break down into easily lifted components

husky bag tools


You have to sit down and analyze what you do, and put together a system to fit you, rather than trying to shoehorn yourself into somebody else’s brainchild. I’m really surprised by the lack of imagination of the manufacturers. What’s on the market is mostly pretty pathetic, and most of it fails on the above criteria.

husky tool bag


Some components I’ve found over the years that I’ve really liked:

The Kennedy cantilevered toolbox, an old Midwest standby, unchanged for at least 40 years:


In my current gig, I’ve become a fan of the Veto open top bags. Not that they’re so wonderful, it’s just that all their competition is so pathetic. Expensive, yes. But nothing else really comes close. Their closed top bags won’t work for me. I need to look across the room and see what’s in there. Stuff needs to be able to hang over the top and just get thrown in when it needs to be.

husky tool bags


Systainers are an excellent concept from a modularity standpoint, but I’m not a fan of their implementation. Ergonomically, I find them difficult to open and close, too bulky, and I’ve had the latches fly off and get lost. The newer version is much improved, but they don’t offer quite enough variety of components to handle hand tools and parts to work as a standalone system.

The molded plastic boxes that most power tools come in immediately either go in the garbage or a top shelf of the shop. Too bulky, and too much fiddling to get the cord and whatnot to fit in.

  • Currently, the main stuff that goes on the job is in:
  • 1. Systainers
  • 2. Veto Bags
  • 3. Husky plastic parts boxes http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/…cStoreNum=1912

  • 4. Stanley plastic rolling tool bins
  • http://home-solutions.hsn.com/stanle…ions-_-1060819
  • (On the Stanley tool bins, I chopped the bottom out of the tray, otherwise hardly anything bulky will fit into the box.)

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