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What are the best brands of hand tools? – quora

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It depends. Tools for professionals or tools for home? For the professional in auto repair, you have the tool truck brands, Cornwell, Snap On, Matco & Mac. Snap On is by far the most popular (only due to their marketing), Cornwell is the oldest. Both Snap On and Cornwell still produce their hardline (wrenches, sockets, pliers,etc.) in American forges, Cornwell having one of the last and oldest forges in the country. These tools are extremely expensive and I recommend them only if your a professional. For home, I recommend Gearwrench tools. You always want to buy an American made wrench. Why? For one your supporting American jobs and two, America uses better quality steel, however, most tool companies today are outsourcing, meaning tools from Asia (with the exception of the 2 listed above). Gearwrench, even though they’re produced overseas, seems to be a well produced tool and the company is growing by leaps and bounds and the price is good for its quality. I also recommend Milwaukee, especially for cordless tools. Milwaukee has been around for many, many years and even though production has been shifted overseas, they still put out quality tools.

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Craftsman: Growing up as a kid in the 60’s & 70’s, Craftsman tools were America’s leading tool. It didn’t matter if it was a wrench or a drill press, Craftsman meant quality and hand tools were guaranteed for life (BTW, I have only had to warranty 1 Craftsman wrench in my life) My Dad, who was a Machinist by trade, but also built midget race cars, owned a cabinet shop and was always fixing things owned all Craftsman tools of which today I now own and still use. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years, Craftsman also started outsourcing and the quality is gone to crap (one reason Sears is almost gone). I do not recommend buying anything new from Sears/Craftsman. If you want good Craftsman tools buy them used at swap meets, craigslist, etc. and best made before the 90’s, preferably 1950’s – 1970’s.

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