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Tru-fit smart dog harness by kurgo – product review

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I was sent a Tru-Fit Smart Harness for my dog in exchange for an honest review of the product. I have two golden retrievers and a lab golden cross. Two ride nicely in the hatch of my Jeep. One hates the car and is a spazzo. Her name is Skye. She panics, jumps from the hatch to the back seat and then uses her head to burrow behind the driver to hide. If the driver can’t restrain her, she’ll force her way over the console panting, drooling and then climbing into the front passenger seat. I was very excited to try this harness restraint. My life was in danger.

dog harness jacket


I tried it on Kimber first because she is solid and calm-although she doesn’t look calm here. Trust me, the sun was in her eyes.

kurgo harness


Out of the box, the harness looks like it does above. The harness is very well made with durable material and solid hardware. Well done. The harness goes over the dog’s head and buckles on both sides under the dog. Do not expect to take the harness out of the box, throw it on, clip it to the seat belt and five minutes later go out for coffee or ice cream. It doesn’t work that way. You must have time to fit the harness to the dog. Once all straps are adjusted so that the dog is secure but still has circulation (two fingers underneath straps comfortably, please), then you can attach your dog to the seat belt and take off.

pet buckle


The harness goes over the dog’s head so that the vest is over the dog’s chest. Nice patient and trusting Kimber.

There she is. All better. The vest is attractive and can be used alone as a walking harness by attaching the leash to the D-ring on the middle of the vest. But we’re not doing that today. Let’s move on.

Note: I have not injured the dog. Kimber is very laid back and decided to snooze. Let’s continue. The buckle on each side is called a nested buckle. The buckles thread through each other making a super secure connection. Here’s how you thread it.

This is a nested buckle. The logo is on the bottom. I want you to flip the end without the logo down.

You can now feed this end through the hole in the other buckle. The two interlock. It sounds harder than it is. Fiddle around. You’ll get it.

  • Here I go feeding it up and through the other buckle.
  • Voila. Locked tightly.
  • All you have to do now is adjust the straps. Tighten all buckles so that the harness is snug but not strangling. Make sure you can put two fingers between the dog’s body and the harness. This seems like a lot of adjusting, but you only have to do it once. Then it fits the dog.

    The vest is on and Kimber woke up. Good dog!

    This is a back view of the dog harness. Now into the vehicle!

    A seat belt tether comes with the dog harness. Take the seat belt tether and thread the seat belt through the tether’s looped end.

    Then attach the other end of the seat belt tether to the triangular clip on the back of the harness.

    Look, Kimber is all ready to go. She cannot reach the console or the front seat. Kimber is secure. She does have wiggle room, though.

    Enough wiggle room that she can lay down and spread her dog hair all over the car seat. Now on to the spastic one.

    This is a side view of Skye modeling the Tru-Fit harness with the seatbelt tether attached. Skye hates car rides. She is not happy about this because she sees that the Jeep door is open. That means she’s going in. Tail stops wagging.

    Here is Skye all secure and sitting in the back of the Jeep. She’s relatively happy and she cannot go very far. Now the driver won’t get assaulted and possibly crash. Good girl, Skye.

    I’m not a fan of dog hair on my seat, so I like to throw the dogs in the hatch. Skye the spazz won’t stay back there. This is where things get fun. See the hooks built into the back of the Jeep seat? It is perfect for attaching the seat belt tether!

    Simply feed the web strapping looped end around the hook and feed the buckle through the loop, forming a slip knot. Now attach the dog. I’ll use Kimber. You know why. Wink wink!

    That worked nicely. Kimber can lay down until we arrive. She isn’t going anywhere.

    The Tru-Fit Dog Harness is made by Kurgo. They’ve also provided me with two infographics on fitting a dog harness. Very helpful. (Inserted below.) Thank you Kurgo for letting me try this product. You have saved the life of a driver-me!

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