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Atfrits a hotel for dogs – cape town etc -

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and now there’s a new way to make sure your dog gets all the love an attention it needs should you need to be away from home.

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Seeing a gap in the market for good dog care in South Africa, Yanic Klue founded atFrits as a facility where the top priority is taking care of your beloved pets. Are your curious about your dog’s last meal, playmate or exercise routine? You’ll be able to keep track of your dog at all times thanks to the strict security measures that are available. Dog owners can get on with their lives knowing that their best friend is well taken care of.

dog cape


Earlier this year, atFrits launched a doggy clothing label with the tagline, ‘No more dog nudity!’ Dogs are like family, and the same way that we require special gear for unpredictable weather and different occasions, so do they. I fell in love with the denim range, which will take your bearded hipster dog’s look to the next level.

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After the success of the clothing launch, atFrits is now opening the first-ever five-star dog hotel in Cape Town.

therapy dog card


The hotel provides special packages to suit you and your four-legged friend’s needs. Care is available 24 hours a day; a salon and spa will keep your canine groomed; gourmet meals from the a la carte menu will satisfy any craving; and 24/7 webcams are available for inquisitive owners to sneak a peek. The facility also features a retail store, satellite TV, themed movie nights, a snack bar and a vet to ensure wet noses and wagging tails while you’re away.

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