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Glue options for perfect bound paperback books

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I have a comment and a question if anyone can help.

I just finished my first bookbinding project with great success so far. I have 4 books that I have to complete for members of my family as christmas gifts. The book is a compilation of all our family photos over the many years. Seems to be a great way to collect all the family photos, newspaper articles etc. Each book is identical with them being about 1″ in total thickness, and of a size of 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ (half sheets for economy). I made the jig as indicated in the video, which will be “a must” assembly tool for anyone who wants to publish and assemble a book.

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My materials and tools are: PRINTSHOP PROFESSIONAL graphics publisher, Cannon pixma 9000 photo printer (ink jet), dual side matt finish photo paper, Kite cord string, 5 minute epoxy, super thin CA instant glue, the assembly jig, plenty of the 8 ink cartridges for printing, .60 thick plastic cut to fit for the back spine, Dremil rotary hand tool with cut off wheel(home depot).

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Before starting, I read Louis’s comment of august 5 regarding the cutting of grooves in the spine to reinforce, and anchor the pages better, and having an engineering background this seemed impressive to me as this process give more of mechanical attachment than just relying on the glue. He is “right on” with this process, as I feel that rather to have a flexible spine, I would rather create a stiff one where no flexing can take place. This was the reason for adding the flat plastic spine backing prior to putting on the final cover.

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All has gone better than I imagined with only a couple issues at this point, which steers me into the question that I have regarding the paper stock. I am presently using 47 pound double sided matt photo paper. It makes for wonderful quality pages, but they are fairly thick for booklet pages. I cant find any other thinner photo sheets for two sided printing with a ink jet printer. I think that Ideally the sheets should be about 25 pound (6 mil thickness approx). I am wondering if the major issue is 2 sided printing with photos and the concern of ink bleed thru on thinner paper. My research on the I-net has turned up nothing on the subject. I am wondering what the thinnest paper I can use for this “typical” project with my equipment. I know that a laser jet for book publishing is probably the better way to go as it thermally sets the ink so that it is more durable and long term, but this is what I have at present.

I have made progress pictures so far that I think could be of good use to those that are also involved with book binding. I know that there is much discussion regarding glues and proceedures, but I am convinced that the epoxy/rigid spine is the way to go. I am more apt to go this direction due to many years of R/C airplane involement. The epoxy and the reinforced spine will not allow the pages to ever shift.

If possible I can post these pictures or those interested can contact me.

Thanks for the all the suggestions so far on your website.

Airplane Bill

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