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Ridgid gen5x brushless compact drill

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It’s hard to imagine doing all the trim work, window and door installation, baseboard, and crown molding that I’ve done for the last 15 years by hand. Now it’s getting even easier than it used to be with longer battery life, more power, and better design and theВ Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Drill is a great example of all of those improvements in one package.

best compact cordless drill 2013


As I mentioned above, the drill is light and compact but the real test is on the jobsite – it didn’t disappoint. It’s very powerful for a compact drill, quiet, and easy to use. All the controls are in the right spot and easy to operate. Speaking of powerful, you’ll be hard pressed to find another compact drill with anything near Ridgid’s 700 inch pounds of torque. Most of the big names don’t exceed 600 inch pounds.

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Because of the light weight, you can work with it for long periods of time. If you pick up a cordless drill and think you’ll need an extra protein shake to work with it all day, my advice is to run – don’t walk – away from it. But there’s no danger of that with this model at just 3 pounds.

compact drill


As I built and installed doors and did other carpentry tasks, I was sure to use two hands on the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Compact Drill.В ThisВ ensures a straight drive. If the bit isn’t seated well in the fastener head, it can slip and strip the fastener. This presents an annoying and time-consuming problem. It’s better to do the job correctly the first time and apply extra pressure to the back of the drill with your other hand. Just be sure you’re not covering up the motor’s exhaust or the tool will overheat.

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