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Ratcheting adjustable wrench – lee valley tools

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What’s really great about an adjustable wrench is that you don’t have to know if a nut is metric or Imperial, or even have a vague idea as to its size – an adjustable wrench is going to fit. At the same time, you also know that adjustable wrenches have sloppy jaws and are liable to slip or round off corners if you’re not careful with them. Additionally, if there isn’t enough space to swing the wrench 360В°, you have to remove and reposition it every partial rotation. Not with this one!

impact wrench with torque setting


Not only does this wrench “ratchet”, the jaws tighten as you apply force, and won’t slip. The secret is in the pivoting head and spring-loaded moving jaw. On the return stroke, the head rotates free of an integral jaw-stop, freeing the moving jaw to slide open as it travels past the fastener corners. On the drive stroke, the moving jaw automatically snugs up against the fastener flats as the head pivots back against the stop, which prevents the jaw from creeping. The jaw faces are parallel and make full contact with the fastener. A toggle switch on the side of the wrench lets you toggle between ratcheting and conventional operation.

electric impact torque wrench


About 10″ long overall and with a 32mm (1-1/4″) capacity, the wrench is made of chrome molybdenum alloy steel, weighs 1-1/4 lb and has polymer edging on the handle for good grip, even with wet or greasy hands. This is a well-designed, versatile tool at an excellent price.

Available while quantities last.

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