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New chicago pneumatic cordless power tools

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Before I talk more about Chicago Pneumatic’s new cordless power tools, I want to point out that they seem to featureВ a lot of TTI-specific features.

chicago electric power tools company


For example, the new compact 12V drill/driverВ strongly resembles Ridgid’s new 12V drill, and looks to have a couple of commonВ components. Chicago Pneumatic’s 20VВ hammer drill also looks like Ridgid’s and has a similar auxiliary handle mount.

chicago pneumatic impact wrench


Beyond that, the 20VВ battery pack, and the 12V as well, lookВ identical to Ridgid’s. The similarities are more convincing with the 20V/18V pack.

impact wrench milwaukee


Chicago Pneumatic 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery (top) and Ridgid 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery (bottom)

Now that we’ve got it out of the way that I believeВ TTI partnered up with Chicago Pneumatic to design and/or produce CP’s new cordless power tools, let’s talk more about the tools themselves.

air impact wrench 1


(As one more aside, if TTI and CPВ did partner up, I wonder if this means CP will lend their air tools experience to TTI if or when Milwaukee decides to enter the automotive pneumatic tools market.)

Similar to how cordless tool makers are now touting theВ corded-like performance of their premium brushless tools, Chicago Pneumatic impliesВ that their new cordless power tools provide pneumatic-like performance. More specifically, they say they areВ combining theВ performance of air tools with the mobility of cordless.

Additionally, CP is emphasizing the new tools’ benefits in the areas of i) power and torque, ii) improved mobilityВ since cordless tools are self-contained with no hoses or power cords needed, iii) comfortableВ ergonomics, iv) rugged, durable, and presumably automotive chemical-resistant housings.

Chicago Pneumatic CP8848 20V Impact Wrench

As you might expect, theВ CP8848 1/2″ impact wrench is the flagship of the new cordless series. It boasts some impressive specs, such as maximum reverse torque ofВ 775 ft-lbs. The impact is designed for general automotive bolting applications and tire removal jobsВ on light vehicles.

  • 1/2″ square drive withВ socket retaining ring
  • Working torque range: В 50-700 ft-lbs
  • Maximum torque (reverse): 775 ft-lbs
  • 2500 BPM 1900 RPM (free speed)
  • 9.5″ length
  • 6.9 lbs 89 db(A) noise level
  • Kit comes with (2) 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery packs and a charger

    AdditionalВ 20V and 12V Tools

    There will also be a 20V 3/8″ compact impact wrench (CP8828), a 20V hammer drill (CP8548), a 12V 1/4″ impact driver (CP8818), and a 12V drill/driver (CP8528).

    Chicago Pneumatic says that each toolВ provides superior power and torque while ergonomic handles and strategically placed switches guarantee ease of use.

    The 20V tools come with 4.0Ah batteries, and the 12V tools come with 1.5Ah batteries.

    There is no word yet about pricing, but all of the tools should now be in stock at authorized Chicago Pneumatic tool dealers.

    First Impression

    More competition in the cordless tool arena is always a good thing, as it usually means greater and more frequent innovation.В Cordless power tools – especially Milwaukee’s M12 and M18 offerings – have become popular with automotive professionals for one simple reason – they are often far more convenient to use than air tools.

    Cordless tools have become popular with mechanics and auto techs because they aren’tВ tethered to a power outlet or an air compressive. They might not always be as lighter or as powerful as air tools, but they’reВ often more comfortable and far lessВ cumbersome to use.

    I think it’s a little amusing to seeВ aВ new line of cordless tools from a company that calls itself Chicago Pneumatic, but it’s good to see that they’re trying to keep up with the competition andВ stayВ with the times.

    Users will probablyВ like to see a cordless ratchet or right angle impact added to the new lineup, but perhaps those tools are being developed for the next round of releases.

    As for the similarities between these and Ridgid’s cordless tools, I don’t think that’s surprising either. BasingВ these automotive-specific tools off of tried-and-true cordless platforms should reduce costs, especially if TTI had aВ big hand in the tools’ development.

    What I’m hoping is that the tools and batteries are drop-in compatible with Ridgid’s 18V and 12V lines, as this would allow for greater product breadth than Chicago Pneumatic is likely toВ offer on their own. This is perhaps untrue, butВ one can still hope.

    Chicago Pneumatic has a solid reputationВ as a quality air tools maker, and I don’t doubt thatВ their cordless tools will beВ just as good as one could expect.

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