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Electric torque wrench: ith nut runner eds

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Electric Nut Runner EDS

Tightening and loosening of bolt connections from M16 to M110, 400 Nm to 13,000 Nm.

The newest generation of the ITH electrical nut runner has faster working electronics, an user-friendly digital display, and a 1,300 W motor.

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Ideal for international machinery outfits

The EDS III has key features ideal for international companies with machinery outfits: The electronics automatically detect and adjust for 50 Hz or 60 Hz and monitors voltage fluctuations common when using on-site generator power supplies.

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Design layout

The torque value from the motor is multiplied by the high-performance planetary gearbox to the value entered. With 360В° rotation it is possible to reach the ideal reaction point. Customized reaction arms (TWIN-reaction arm, swivel foot) can be made for individual customer needs.

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The rotary switch of the gearbox allows fast switching between the hi and low gears. Due to the mechanical friction clutch, overstress is impossible. The swivel joint at the motor guarantees an ideal reaction point.

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Function description

The torque value shown on the multifunctional display can easily be adjusted with the +/- pushbuttons. The torque values at the EDS simple version are adjusted with the dial control.

The soft-turn-automatic (STA) of the microcontroller adjusts the rpm of the motor to the individual torque values. Through this a fast and material friendly bolting operation is accomplished. When the previously set torque value is reached the nut runner automatically stops.

Menu control multifunction display

All relevant data for the tightening process are shown directly on the digital display. The values of the bolting data that is not necessary to be displayed is saved to the microchip.

The necessary torque values, bolt dimensions, and bolt quality are displayed during input with the pushbutton of the user. In the case a customer uses different assembly stations the menu of the EDS can be changed according to each station. The microchip will be programmed for each individual station.

Universal sockets: Flexible use through various sockets, reaction arms, extensions, and side-drives.

The square drive is compatible with all square drive sockets including hexagon sockets and hexagon drive sockets. Various reaction arms are available as well as customer specific designs. With all the available accessories the EDS can be used for a variety of applications. Overview of accessories.

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