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5 best impact wrenches – oct. 2016 – bestreviews

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The contest for our “Best of the Best” title was close, and we doubt that any of the choices on our shortlist would leave you disappointed. That being said, we believe the best impact wrench on today’s market is the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18.

bosch air impact wrench


The Milwaukee’s dependable motor is the widely used 18-volt, four-Ah version. Because it’s brushless, there’s no power drain and no overheating problems. Importantly, it delivers impressive torque: 700 ft.lbs. in normal use and up to 1,100 ft.lbs. for cracking stubborn nuts. Its service life is excellent.

bosch pneumatic impact wrench


Most impact wrenches are substantial tools. The Milwaukee manages to deliver top performance in a comparatively compact and ergonomic package. At the same time, the manufacturer acknowledges the kind of punishment impact wrenches generally take by encasing the mechanism in a protective metal shroud.

cordless impact wrench bosch


The Milwaukee impact wrench hails from a rare breed in that it’s a master of all things. It has the power delivery of a pro tool like the Ingersoll Rand, yet it also offers amateur-friendly features like the two speeds and LED. It comes with a strong case, a charger, two batteries, and a three-year warranty.

impact wrench bosch


To give a fair and balanced review, it’s always important to consider what owners say. We’re happy to report that their feelings are pretty much the same as ours: the Milwaukee offers phenomenal torque, great build quality, and the undeniable convenience of a cordless tool. It’s tough to find anyone who doesn’t rate is as the best impact wrench on the market.

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