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Portamill chainsaw sawmill, personal sawmill

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  • Chainsaws are normally used to fell trees, and the normal chainsaw chain we are all familiar with is specifically meant for that cross-cutting application. But sawing boards, lengthwise down the grain as versus cutting across the grain for felling, involves different considerations.



    Ripping chain features a special factory grind for making dimensional boards and planks from timber by “ripping” it (cutting parallel to the wood grain). Equipping your chainsaw with proper ripping chain improves both performance and yield when you saw boards with your chainsaw and Norwood’s PortaMill PM14 chainsaw sawmill.

    chainsaw power


    Specifications and features:

    Norwood’s ripping chain features standard chassis and cutter parts. The cutter grind is the only difference from standard chain.

    professional chainsaw


    Made from patented steel alloy that is more durable in both cold and standard weather conditions, Norwood ripping chain is tested and proven to be 125% tougher at minus 20В° Fahrenheit and 20% tougher at room temperature.

    Norwood ripping chain feature Oregon’s LubriLink™ cavities in the chain tie-straps that act like reservoirs, reducing oil dispersal off the chain by centrifugal force. This helps hold oil in the chain parts when it slows or stops, thereby improving chain performance and helping extend chain life.

  • Here’s how to pick the right chain for you:
  • All the information is on your chainsaw bar:
  • Chain Gauge
  • Bar Length Number of Links
  • Chain Pitch (Norwood ripping chain is only available in .375″ (3/8″) pitch)

    Norwood stocks the following chains:

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