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Husqvarna 445 chainsaw

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The Husqvarna 445 has fast cutting speeds, especially when cutting wood under 10″ in diameter, making this a very efficient chainsaw that will allow you to work efficiently. If you need to cut larger wood sizes or even hardwoods then you need to be patient and allow the saw do the work. This isn’t a logging chainsaw so don’t expect it to quickly cut through an oak or eucalyptus tree, but as long as it’s not a large tree it will make the cut in reasonable time. Let the saw do the work!

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Extend your Husqvarna Warranty

Also, most consumers aren’t aware of the fact that Husqvarna has an excellent offer that enables you to extend the warranty to either 3 or 4 years by simply purchasing a certain amount of Husqvarna 2-stroke oil or pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel at the time of purchase. Read all the details here:

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  • USA: Husqvarna Extended Warranty
  • Canada: Husqvarna Extended Warranty
  • *Note: The oil needs to be on the same purchase receipt as the chainsaw. It’s a good deal that you should take advantage of. As we all know, power tools tend to break down so why not protect your investment for very little money.

    husqvarna 372xp chainsaw


    If you’re looking for a chainsaw with a little more power than you might consider the Husqvarna 455 Rancher which is a step up from the Husqvarna 445 in terms of overall performance. It’s important to know what you type of work you need to accomplish before deciding on the right chainsaw. If you’re experienced with using a chainsaw then you can never go wrong with more power but for inexperienced users it’s best to choose a well-rounded saw like the Husqvarna 445.

    If you’re uncomfortable at the thought of using a chainsawВ – and many people are – here are two good alternatives that have been designed to be safer than using a chainsaw: The WORX JawSaw and the Black and Decker Alligator Lopper. These tools aren’t as versatile as a chainsaw but if you only need to cut wood that is under about 4″ in diameter then these are perfect tools because they have been designed for homeowners who want to do their own pruning, limbing and felling small trees without the stress of using a chainsaw. They’re good products to consider.

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