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Circular saws blades – disston precision

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Our saw blades give more cuts between sharpenings, retain their sharp edge on even the toughest applications, and resist cracking due to the precise control of chemistry, extremely clean melting practices and precision heat treating.

circular miter saw


  • Choose Saw Blades from:
  • Hot & Friction – in stock & custom
  • Blanks – diamond core, segmented, & custom
  • Carbide Blanks
  • Special Application Blades
  • Hot and Friction Saw Blades
  • Standard Specifications – Hot & Friction Blades
  • Diameter – 18″ to 96″
  • Thickness – .25″ to .625″ or up to 2000 lbs

    Hardness – 28HRc to 44HRc

    Since 1840, Disston brings special skills and techniques of experience to the industrial use of hot, friction and tube saw blades. The high quality Disston line of hot, friction, and tube saw blades are made from special alloy steels. View Friction Blades details.

    power tools table saw


    Circular Saw Blade Blanks – ready for finishing

    Disston can deliver a wide range of styles and types of saw blades up to 96″ diameter. View Saw Blade Blanks details.

  • Carbide-Inserted Blanks
  • Diamond Core Blanks
  • Segmented Blanks
  • Custom Blanks
  • These products can be ordered either heat-treated and tempered, smithed, with or without tooth pockets, and/or ground in sizes up to 96″ in diameter.

    Carbide Saw Blade Blanks – ready for carbide tipping

    Disston makes 24 to 96 inch blanks for carbide tipping. Blanks are laser cut with pockets or teeth to customer’s specification. Like our friction and hot saws, all carbide saw blanks are heat treated, Blanchard ground, smithed, and computerized checked for proper tension and run out and balance.

    Special Application Saw Blades

    Whether it is a saw for cutting wood, steel structurals, architectural tubing, grating or a custom application, you can be certain that it will be precisely heat treated, ground, smithed and balanced. Let Disston help solve your special application cutting problems.

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