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A look at the best pull on work boots (slip on work boots) – best work boots: the work boot critic

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In mostВ jobs, work boots have an immense importance that cannot be underestimated. It’s important to buy the right pair of boots that will serve you way more than just protecting your toes.

anti slip boots


It’s not just the protection of your toes; these boots can also safeguard you from slippery areas, exposed nails, low freezing temperatures, and also electric currents. So, here in this article we have listed out some of the best pull on work boots, which will allow you to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

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We have also listed the advantages and dis-advantages of pull on work boots, as well as some of the features that you should look for when looking to buy the perfect pair of work boots.

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Are Pull On Work Boots Right For You?

Pull on work boots are for anyone who likes to work with tools, or has a job that involves working with big tools and heavy machinery. These boots will keep your toes safe and secure, importantly helping to prevent serious injuries while working.

slip on boots


It is revealed 25% of accidents are from workplace foot injuries, an alarming figure, therefore it is important to have the best pair of pull on work boots to get the job done.

slip on steel toe boots


It’s not just the safety, pull on work boots have a wide range of other advantages which makes them a must for the workplace. When your everyday job involves a lot of standing, it is ideal to wear footwear which will take care of your feet. Pull on work boots are made for comfort, along with taking care of the pressure points on your feet encase heavy machinery does fall on your toes.

steel toe slip on boots


The number one advantage of pull on boots? convenience – no need to waste time doing up your shoelaces – just slip them on and be done with it!

Pull-On Boots have many advantages – mainly their convenience!

The Advantages Of Pull On Work Boots

The inevitable advantage of pull on work boots is the safety at work from heavy machinery and tools falling on your toes – however you get the same safety features in most normal work boots.

These boots take care of fatigue which sets in fast because of the continuous standing involved in your job. Wearing pull on work boots takes tension of your feet, and ensures that you have one less thing to worry about while working.

These boots have been made to be extremely durable for all weather conditions. They can last for a number of years without any wear and tear – especially when you buy 100% leather, high ankle pull on boots.

In cold harsh environment pull on boots act as an extra layer of insulation. They help keep your feet protected from freezing temperatures and frost bites, which can unknowingly set in when you’re working in freezing environments.

Convenience – no need to tie up shoelaces – get them on and get off to work.

The Disadvantages Of Pull On Work Boots.

The material these work boots are made of can make them heavy to move. The extra weight on the feet can be felt at first but becomes a norm once you get used to them.

Some work boots are not water and chemical resistant, which is very important if your work involves working in a damp, muddy environment.

On some work sites you may not be allowed unless you have laces thanks to safety regulations. Make sure you check with your boss before you purchase.

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