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Jeb bush allies slam marco rubio for boot heels flip flop

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In politics, sometime the most vicious attacks are served with a smile.

Right to Rise, the super PAC backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, released a new video Tuesday morning attacking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s selection of boots, missed Senate votes and sometimes shifting positions. It’s a sing-a-long, with karaoke rainbow hues, that boldly ignores the fact that boots don’t really flip or flop. But who cares, if you can sing-a-long?

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The deeply biting personal attack shows just how bitter the fight between the former mentor and mentee. Rubio drew mockery for wearing boots with substantial heels, which rivals saw as an attempt to appear taller than his 5’10” frame.

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The primary flip-flop accusation concerns Rubio’s past support for comprehensive immigration reform, a plan that Bush has also supported at times in his career. Rubio still maintains that he supports the parts of the Senate bill he sponsored in 2013, but now says that the bill should be split up because of political pressures, into an effort to better secure the border and enforce workplace immigration laws, followed by a bill that would provide an eventual path to citizenship for those currently in the United States without documentation.

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Accusations of flip-flopping on immigration have dogged Bush as well. At times, he has supported a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He now says he does not support a path to citizenship for those same people. Bush has not, however, been photographed wearing boot heels like Rubio.

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