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10 kickass vegan t shirt brands you need to be wearing

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Regardless of your reasons for being vegan, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 vegan t shirt brands that carry some kickass graphic tees with various different messages! The cool thing about some of these vegan t shirt brands is that they donate partial or all profits from each sale to an animal rescue or protection organization. So you’ll be sure to win some karma points while looking fresh to death! I’ve also added 10 more badass vegan t-shirt and apparel brands in addition to this list in a separate post.

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V Apparel You may have seen V Apparel’s brightly colored GO VEGAN t-shirts around because they’ve been worn and adorn by many, including my girl crush FullyRaw Kristina! There’s so many reasons one should proudly rock a V Apparel tee; they’re cruelty-free, fair trade, organic, and USA Made organic. But it gets better, they also donate 10% of profits to various non-profits and organizations to help the vegan movement!

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VonStreicher Goods

This tee is ironically badass. And when it’s originally rocked by Doris Day, then it’s seriously B-A-D-A-S-S. You may have seen this tee recreated across the interweb but the trademark “Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you” belongs to an etsy shop owner, VonStreicher goods. She’s just as rad as these printed tees because she donates profits from the sale of each vegan t shirt to a local animal protection and rescue organization! For these upcoming months, she has agreed to help donate proceeds to Humane Society of Louisiana so get your shopping on, yo!

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