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Safety footwear

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The range of the safety boots and shoes from Protec Direct provide both men and women with protection from workplace hazards and prevent slips and falls occurring.

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Safety footwear protects from cuts, slips, falling objects, metal and chemical splashes and the range of soles available prevent slipping in most environments.

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Safety Footwear And The Law The HSE sets out the minimum standards for safety footwear and in particular how choosing adequate slip resistant footwear can prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

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It is vital that employees wear adequate protective footwear in order to comply with both company rules and the law. By offering a range of comfortable and attractive footwear, Protec Direct can help ensure that employees are always adhering to legal requirements.

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The safety features of footwear are tested according to European standards and are written into EN ISO 20344:2004 (A1: 2007).

The Choices Of Safety Footwear Available From Protec Direct Protec Direct offer a wide range of safety footwear, boots, shoes, rigger boots and accessories to suit most workplace safety requirements.

Our wide range of safety footwear includes brands such as JCB, DeWalt safety, Dr Martens, CAT, wellington boots and a wide range of accessories.

Safety boots – Safety boots from brands including Timberland, Dr Martens, Caterpillar, DeWalt and JCB Safety.

Safety Trainers – The range of trainers range from lightweight to steel toe cap and anti-slip suitable for a range of safety applications.

Anti-Slip Footwear – Anti-slip footwear provides an additional level of safety for many industry applications and are approved to the relevant European standards including EN345 / EN ISO 20345.

The Hazards That Require Safety Footwear There are many industries and hazards that can require the use of safety footwear and shoes including falling objects, slip hazards and industries such as construction where there are many other hazards occurring.

Safety features of footwear are carried out in accordance with European test standards written into EN ISO 20344:2004 (A1:2007)

The tests carried out on safety footwear are classified below as:

SRA – Tested on ceramic tile wetted with a dilute soap solution

SRB – A smooth surface test on steel coated with glycerol

SRC – Tested under both of the above conditions

European Standards And Regulations For Safety Protection Footwear

  • EN ISO 20345:2004 (A1:2007) – for safety footwear
  • EN ISO 20346:2004 (A1:2007) – for protective footwear
  • EN ISO 20347:2004 (A1:2007) – for occupational footwear

    Employer Requirements

    Throughout industries where PPE is required to facilitate normal working or where employees may be at risk to their health and safety, employers must provide this free of charge and ensure it is fit for purpose.

    Training should also be provided ensuring employees are aware of the need to wear PPE appropriately and any maintenance or repairs should be provided by the employer.

    Always choose safety footwear that suits the user considering weight, size and fit.

    All products purchased should carry the CE mark in accordance with the Personal Protection Equipment Regulations 2002

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