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Health and safety

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We know that our colleagues, customers and visitors put their trust in Boots, which is why the safety of everyone who works for us, visits us and shops with us is really important to our organisation.

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That’s why we constantly challenge ourselves to make continuous performance improvements in this area, putting robust measures in place to ensure that the safety of colleagues and customers is stronger than ever before. Here’s an overview of some of the work we’ve been doing to make sure you’re always in safe hands at Boots.

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  • Safe measures
  • Health and Safety policy
  • We’ve updated and refreshed our Health and Safety policy so that it’s easier and clearer to read and to make sure our approach focuses on two key aims:

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    To protect colleagues, customers and visitors

    To seek ways to perfect our approach to health and safety

  • The policy includes:
  • Principles of our approach
  • Importance of both safety systems and behaviours
  • How we strengthen our culture of safety
  • Ensuring we learn from any investigations
  • Safety governance
  • We’ve also refreshed the way we monitor health and safety business risks and performance, and continue to review on a monthly basis through the Boots UK Governance Committee.

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    Reporting to this committee are two important strategic safety steering groups:

    The Retail Safety Steering Group is chaired by a store director who helps develop the right safety strategy for stores

    The second steering group (Nottingham Site Safety Steering Group) is chaired by our Director of Logistics and ensures that risks at our Nottingham support office site are properly assessed and the right plans are in place to mitigate risks

    Developing a Safety Culture Plan

    We know that a good safety management system can’t work in isolation, which is why we’re implementing our Safety Culture Plan. It is really encouraging our managers to look at how they can integrate safety into everyday ways of working, and to make sure that regular communication shares lessons and seeks more input from colleagues on ways to improve safety for themselves and our customers.

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