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Fairfax ct safety shoes for men

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The Magnum Fairfax Composite Toe is a black slip-on safety shoe which is ideal for chefs and men who work in the catering or hospitality industry.

men s safety shoes


The composite plastic toe cap is as strong as steel but far more lightweight while also being non-conductive and chemical resistant. In addition to protecting toes from falling objects, these smart leather work shoes are liquid and stain repellent thanks to our exclusive i-shield technology. This invisible spray repels water and dirt and is resistant to stains, to protect your feet from spills and keep the shoes looking good for longer.

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The anti-slip Pentagrip SRC outsole is certified to the highest EN slip resistance standards and according to research, has a slip risk of one in a million! Making them ideal to wear in a busy kitchen, restaurant, bar or hotel where spills are common. In addition, these men’s safety shoes have a highly technical Comfort Insole which meets EU test standards for energy and shock absorption while providing excellent underfoot cushioning for ultimate comfort. It’s also perforated for breathability.

safety boots men


The kick down neoprene heel also allows for these shoes to be worn as a mule.

These are ideal black work shoes for men working in the catering or service industry, such as chefs, kitchen staff, waiters, hotel and events staff. These shoes are also available without the composite toe, a popular choice among male nurses and healthcare staff.

slip on safety shoes for men


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