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Electrical hazards and footwear

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Responding is Mark Reilly, utility division director, KEEN Inc., Portland, OR.

Laying a foundation for worker safety truly starts from the ground up. Footwear safety is paramount for skilled craft trades across the board. One small misstep or incident can result in varying levels of injury, causing lost time and compromised well-being. Finding protective footwear that is not only comfortable for workers, but also protective, is key to starting the workday out on the right foot.

esd safety boots


Craftsmen know they need the right tool for the right job. That same theory applies for footwear. When looking at a specific trade ” in this case, working with and around electricity ” special attention must be paid to footwear to reduce the possibility of electrocution or other electricity-related incidents on the jobsite.

industrial safety boots


There are three general classifications for safety footwear from an electrical standpoint, and all three have very distinct purposes.

non safety boots


site safety boots


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