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Best winter work boots – best insulated steel toe boots for men reviews

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This is a pretty simple question that I am always happy to answer. When the temperature plummets outside, you want to make sure that your feet are warm and dry. Snow, ice and freezing rain are all culprits of old man winter, so you want to make sure that your work boots are suitable for this kind of weather and other elements it may bring your way.

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Keep in mind that most of your work is outside. You want to keep your feet warm, so you will be wanting to look for a boot that is insulated inside. You do not want a thick and bulky insulation, but a thin one. The boot should be made of leather, and hopefully be waterproof, but if not you can always purchase a spray to treat the boots for the winter weather. The winter work boot should have a sturdy rubber sole that is slip proof. Nothing worse than slipping on ice at the work site.

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Also, make sure the boot fits and is comfortable to wear. That is always key for any work boot. If you cannot stand to wear it for the 10 minutes in the store, then you most likely will not be able to wear it 10 hours on the work site. And look for some orthotics as well. A warm and comfy foot is a happy foot during the winter time.

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What Are The Advantages and Benefits of Winter Work Boots?There are many advantages and benefits to a winter work boot. If you live in a climate that has long summers and long winters, you need footwear for both of those seasons. Hailing from the north east I can tell you about some horrid summers and some equally horrid winters. When the temperature is barely in the double digits in Fahrenheit, you need a boot that will keep your foot warm. Your typical work boots just can’t do that.

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Winter work boots usually have additional safety features especially for winter use. They are insulated which is the main point of a winter work boot. Your feet will stay warm and dry with the added insulation. The leather is usually waterproof, or can be treated to be weather resistant. The rubber sole adds friction so you will not slip on the ice or other winter weather elements. Altogether, your feet will stay warm and dry, and you will stay upright and not fall on the ice.

Things to Look for that Differentiate These ProductsFirst thing is п»їinsulation. You want a boot that is thinly insulated in order to keep the boot from being bulky and heavy. Most winter boot manufacturers have their own thin insulated product that they use to keep their feet warm and dry during the winter time.

Another thing to look for that differentiates this product is the leather on the boot. They are often waterproof or weather resistant. I would probably go for weather resistant myself, because that adds snow and ice into the mix and waterproof is usually just for rain. Go for the weather resistant leather finish.

Finally the last thing that differentiates these boots is the rubber sole. This is often a slip proof sole which protects you at the work site. There is always ice and snow melting, so the best thing to protect you is a rubber sole. If you are the first person on site, make sure there is some salt to lay down in case one of your colleagues does not have a slip resistant rubber sole on their work boot. Then relentlessly tease him or her for the rest of the day in case they fall down.

What’s The Best Way to Use Your Winter Work Boots?The best way to use your winter work boot is to have it on all winter long. From November until the end of March you will be needing this winter work boot on your feet. In some states you may even need it earlier and longer. Summers always seem to last longer, but then old man winter comes along and it feels as though we will never feel the warmth of the sun on our skin ever again. Do not worry, winter only lasts 6 months, and you will be well prepared with these great winter work boots.

Here are My Top 5 Best Winter Work Boots for You

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