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Top 70 complaints and reviews about payless shoe store

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I ordered two pairs of shoes on 10/5 then paid for the two day shipping. I was expecting the pair no later than 10/8. On 10/9, I called in to 877-474-6379 and the woman relayed to me this information: That both pairs of shoes I wanted could not be found in the factory, and that they had to then go store to store looking for a pair in my sizes, and color preferences.

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When I was told this information, I was obviously upset. No one had notified me about any sort of delay in shipping. She said that although it would take about a week for my sandals to get here, the shoes were already shipped, and would be arriving the next day which was Saturday, or at the very least Monday. It is now Wednesday; nothing was delivered, and no updating notification has been sent to me. The woman, who I now really wish I got the name of, then told me that I would be reimbursed for the two day shipping, and that a gift card would be sent for my trouble. I considered the matter closed. I knew that the sandals might be about a week, but eagerly anticipated the arrival of my shoes.

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Today, 10/14, there are still no shoes. I called in to the same number, and I believe I talked to Gabby. (Customer Service Rep wasn’t speaking clearly.) Now, I’m going to assume that my phone accidentally disconnected us, because basically telling someone tough luck, and then hanging up on them is incredibly unprofessional. (It was more of a, “We are waiting on the shoes to be made in the factories and shipped to us, so when we know something we’ll let you know.) and then we were disconnected.

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To sum today’s interaction up, the woman I spoke with today told me that neither pair could be found, and that they needed to be made in the factory. She had no idea when they would be made, much less sent to me before we were disconnected. That time frame is beyond unacceptable. Nothing on the website suggested to me that this would happen, and that no one would update me at any stage of this entire mess unless I actively bother them for information. I wasn’t mad before, I was upset. Now I’m pissed. Like I told the first woman. Payless, the company, normally provides a wonderful product at incredible prices, so it’s not like I’m planning to take my business anywhere else, but to receive little to no consideration after having been wronged 4 times in one purchase?

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So to recap: This company… Did not making the agreed upon expedited delivery date. They did not promptly inform me there was an issue with my delivery. They lied to me and said the shoes (not my sandals) were days away, and to expect them Saturday or Monday. Then after failing to make the delivery again, I was told that I was again lied to, and that my shoes haven’t even been put together in the factory as of today 10/14/15. 9 days after ordering, and I had to pursue the information myself. I wasn’t updated at any stage of this fiasco.

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