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Healthcare habit : introducing dansko vegan shoes

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Animal-friendly kicks for vegan healthcare professionals.

I’m a failed vegetarian several times over. Bacon never fails to bring me back to the dark side, and I wish I had more willpower. After a week or so sans meat, I usually end up falling way, way off the wagon and into a bacon cheeseburger of some sort or a bucket of fried chicken. I can’t do it, but I admire those who can eat a totally vegetarian diet.

dansko clogs kids


Vegan takes it even farther. My cousin’s a vegan and I always marvel at the creations he comes up with. Tofu’s a substitute for basically anything, Portobello mushrooms are hamburgers in the vegan world and potatoes can be whipped up in so many ways it makes my head spin. He lives a fully vegan lifestyle, as well, so it doesn’t stop with just the food he eats. He won’t wear any leather or anything that came from an animal.

dansko colorful clogs


Needless to say, I immediately thought of him when I spotted a new addition to the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop: these Dansko vegan shoes. Yes, he’s not in healthcare. Yes, he’s a goth with black dreadlocks down to his waist. Yes, he considers fake blood a must-have accessory. I’ll admit he probably isn’t exactly in the target market for these Dansko vegan shoes, but as he’s the only vegan I know, he popped up in my brain.

dansko leather clogs


I’m sure there are vegan nurses out there and other vegan healthcare professionals who haven’t delved into the much-praised Dansko line of nursing shoes because of the animal materials used, so these Dansko vegan shoes open up these comfortable classics to even more people.

dansko vegan clogs


The Dansko vegan shoes that we carry are from the very popular “Professional” line, so it’s the classic Dansko look, but with a vegan twist. The striped Dansko vegan shoes are available in two color pattern options, either multicolored or a more subtle black and gray. We also carry a pretty paisley tapestry pattern in the Dansko vegan shoes that’s available in three colors.

The Dansko vegan shoes leave out the leather and suede but still feature all of the good things that customers rave about, like the stability, rocker bottom, stylish look, antimicrobial lining and no-skid tread. Sure, they aren’t exactly up my cousin’s alley, but I like the idea. What do you think of the patterns on these Dansko vegan shoes?

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