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What is a stacked heel? – shoe glossary: stacked heels

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As is the case with all heels, the height of a chunky heel varies. It doesn't offer the same kind of lift as a pair of stilettos. Many stilettos contain a platform underneath the toe box to elevate, but stacked heels are typically single-soled, meaning the toe box has the original thin sole of the shoe and doesn't provide any extra lift. The main difference between a chunky heel and a stiletto is the size of the heel:В a stacked heel is wider and covers more surface area, while a stiletto is thin and covers very little surface area.

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Sometimes the stacked style is prominently displayed in a pair of shoes, i.e. a pair of summery, high heeled sandals with a stacked wooden heel. Other times the heel is covered. Because a stacked heel is noticeable in size, many shoe designers make it detailed by covering the heel in a material different from the body of the shoe, like an animal print, a bold print, a pop of color, etc.

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How to Wear Stacked Heels:A chunky heel is a great alternative to a stiletto. If you have a hard time walking in heels, you might find a stacked heel to be a lot less wobbly. Stacked high heels are the perfect option for a night out when you want height, but don't want to sacrifice comfort, or if you spend most of your day on your feet.

Stacked heel boots are perfect for all types of weather. A pair of stacked heel sandals made out of a natural material like wood denotes a casual look and is appropriate for warm weather outfits. These kinds of shoes evoke a summery, resort style, and look great paired with maxi dresses, shorts and skirts. Forget clunky snow boots. A pair of boots with a sturdy, stacked heel and a durable tread will have you navigating snowy sidewalks in style.

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