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Hot chocolate shoes and doughnuts!

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Mummeeeee! They gave you the wrong size shoes!

Hot Chocolate Design is a shoe brand that specializes in pretty and whimsical footwear that evoke nostalgia. The shoes are handmade, with interesting prints and gorgeous designs. The original shop is located in Caracas, Venezuela, but now there are stores around the United States, Canada and Australia that carry this line of unique shoes.

original candies shoes


In Perth you will find them at Kinkalla Shoes, Fremantle Markets.

You can find details for all the retailers on the HCD website, http://hotchocolatedesign.com

Pablo MartГ­nez & Carolina Aguerrevere, who founded Hot Chocolate Design in Venezuela in 2004, define HCD as a design brand which blends art, design and fabrication of the items they produce ” shoes, bathing suits, purses, bags, other home products ” to reflect the individuality of each item. The inspiration behind HCD comes mainly from their passion for collecting vintage items and a certain nostalgia for all of the things that made them feel happy and comfortable when they were young.

candies platform shoes


I am now proud owner of three pairs of HCD shoes – Cherry, Bon Voyage and Dark Butterfly.

HCD makes shoes for little girls too, starting in size from 6 months old. Still too big for the bears😦

candies wedge shoes


But next comes the search for the matching handbag!

Something that did come in the right beary size are the European style doughnuts from Levi’s Doughnuts, Fremantle Markets.

Little bears are enjoying a traditional style doughnut and a Real Dark Chocolate filled doughnut, coated in cinnamon sugar.

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