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Help me with modding

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Hi. I have a cheap off-brand pair of Airwalk aggressive inline skates. I’m getting a better pair of skates soon, so I thought I might as well attempt to convert them to UFS (they’re non UFS). I have some experience modifying stuff, but I haven’t tried modding skates before, so I probably need help.

airwalk inline skates


I think the easiest way would be to replace the souls with UFS souls, but I don’t know which kinds will fit or which size to get (my skates are size 9 by the way). I want to find the type of souls that are most likely to fit. So far all I’ve done is take it apart. Pics:

airwalk pro skate


This is what they looked like before. They have RB antis, Themgoods Haffey bearings, and 4×4 Farmer wheels. With this setup, it skates okay, but the souls slide terribly and the H-blocks are wearing fast.

airwalk shoes skate


The frame removed from the shell. Notice the frame is raised on the heel. It also curves up slightly at the toe. Also notice that the soul is screwed on at the sides.

skate shoes airwalk


The soul removed from the shell. The soul is also raised at the heel. A soulplate with a raised heel would probably work best.

So I’m looking for a soulplate that’s raised at the heel and fits my skates. Ones that I’m guessing might fit are…

-K2 souls (they go around the sides like my current ones, but I don’t think they have a raised heel)

-Roces souls (I think Roces are the most like my skates. And Roces have a raised heel, right? Maybe Valo souls would fit?)

-SSM souls (they appear to have a raised heel, but I don’t know)

  • -Xsjado souls (they’re so huge, maybe they’ll fit)
  • So… can anyone help?

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