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Erik ellington interview from the sidewalk skateboar…

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Can you remember the first pair of skate shoes that you ever owned? What are the main changes you’ve seen happen since buying those?

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I think it was a pair of Airwalk 540’s. I think the leathers and rubber used in skate shoes have come a long way, but the design of those at the time felt cool. I guess I’d say the function and comfort would be the biggest differences.

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Can you talk us through the filming of your part for The Deathwish Video? I can’t imagine juggling behind the scenes business at Deathwish, family life and responsibilities at Supra would leave you with much free time in which to film; did you have to go at your section with a strict regime in order to make it happen?

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I had been saving footage for quite a while, as it’s not easy for me to film a full part because of all the things going on in my life and because skating has never come very easily for me. I just took things as they came and tried hard to get what I did. There wasn’t really a trick list or regime that I stuck to though. I was injured for the last 6 months of the video, which really bummed me out because I would have liked to have those last months of going hard for the video but you have to do the best you can do within the limitations you have to deal with.

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Which one trick or piece of footage from your part are you the most stoked on?

The switch flip lip at the end of my part and the hardflip down the triple set: some days just work so well, it’s rare for me when all the pieces fall into the right place like that.

Since filming ended, how have you mainly being spending your days?

I took some time to heal and recover from the madness of the last months of organizing the video and premieres. Lately I’ve been learning how to skate again, 9 months injured is a long time.

You were on Supra’s 2013 European Tour earlier this summer ” how was that for you this time around?

Since I couldn’t skate on that trip I would get really stressed just being there and not really being able to do my part. Other than that I had fun kicking it with everyone and seeing parts of Europe that I’d never been to before.

Any good Lucien Clarke stories to report?

Lucien and I always have a good time, for some reason when we’re on trips we always end up being the only two left out at night and are always lost, so it becomes a mission. The last Europe trip was crazy though, wandering and walking miles around Lyon and finally finding the hotel at 11 am when everyone was checking out. Sir Luscious Left Foot is tight, my roll dog for sure on trips.

Out of everything that has happened over the course of 2013, what have been your top five personal highlights?

Any time spent with my family, finishing the Deathwish video, being able to skate again, not drinking for 62 days and counting, and finishing building my kid’s tree-fort.

Lastly, what does 2014 have in store for you?

I don’t know, but whatever it is I’m gonna do the best I can and enjoy it.

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