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Crocs vs. airwalk compel clogs

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Crocs shoes started out as a comfortable, so-ugly-they’re-cute shoe. But it is the combination of the material they are made of combined with the engineering behind the style that make them comfortable and functional to a degree that other shoes cannot compare to.

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They are constructed of a closed cell resin material patented under the name of Croslite. It has the unique properties of being nonporous, so it cannot absorb any sweat or odors, and resists mildew or fungus, and can be cleaned up with just soap and water. It is a resilient, impact-absorbing material that is also non-marking and nonskid. All these properties made Croslite a perfect material for use around wet environments, which is what it was designed for originally.

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The styling is a result of the engineering for their use: Crocs were designed to be a boating shoe. They had to be have good traction when wet, comfortable to walk in, not rot or smell bad, good to wear for extended lengths of time in wet conditions without your feet getting fungal or soggy. The Croslite material satisfied the walking comfort, traction, and waterproof part; the holes allowed for ventilation to keep the feet cool and free of fungus, as well as easy to clean inside and out in case you got sand in your shoes. The clog style was part of the comfort design; long being popular in Europe and easy to slip on and off, and adding to that design the orthotic foot bed for proper contour and fit, the Croc was born. The heel strap added to the secure fit, and made sizing less critical. It didn’t hurt that clogs were popularized in America in the early 1970s, and that much of the Crocs market was originally aimed at a target market of that age group.

With the success of Crocs, many shoe manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon of holey, ‘plastic’ shoes, including inexpensive knock-offs such as Airwalk Compel Clog, Wal-Marts’ No Boundaries, Sketchers and other beach shoes available at virtually every discount and pharmacy store. Virtually all of these imitators are holey molded shoes of unspecified plastic, which are waterproof and ventilated, but lack the qualities of the Crocs quality orthotic footbed and the impact absorption and nonskid features of the Croslite, which is more comfortable worn next to the skin.

There are also a great many clogs on the market with fine qualities, some with the original style of wooden soles, leather construction, and many other features, but basically the Crocs shoes are unique to style, materials

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