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Airwalk airwalk logo black snowboard and binding package

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Print The Airwalk Logo Black Snowboard Package is a great board and binding combo for the entry-level or beginner rider who wants to get a good taste of life on the mountain. The Airwalk Logo Black Snowboard is the perfect beginner board to help you progress. The cap construction makes getting the snowboard on edge much easier and allows for easier turning. The Camber profile gives you more control and helps make easier toe-side and heel-side turns. Camber also provides amazing edge hold on icy and all weather conditions. This will help you advance quicker and feel more confident to take on new challenges. This package also includes the 5th Element Stealth 2 bindings. The Stealth 2 binding is soft flexing so it is forgiving making it ideal for a learner. The base has a padding that provides dampening to help absorb some of the shock. The cushy ankle straps conform to your boots while remaining comfortable so you can concentrate on the shred. New to this model, a completely redesigned toe strap can be set above the toe or as a toe cap and the webbing on the toe strap allows it to conform to any boot’s toe box when worn as a cap style. The highback hugs the back of your boot for supportive feel. The Airwalk Logo Black Snowboard Package boasts plenty of performance to help any beginner learn the basics quickly and boost their skill level.

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  • Airwalk Logo Black Snowboard
  • 5th Element Stealth 2 Bindings
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