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Sew can do: tutorial time: how to fix holes in footie pajamas

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Materials: – Footie pajamas with torn-up/holed-up/beat-down soles

  • - Seam ripper
  • - Anti-slip fabric (aka Jiffy Grip™)
  • - Iron, rotary cutter/shears, pins
  • - Optional: fleece scraps, paper backed fusible
  • First step is to remove the broken down soles. Turn the pajamas inside out and grab a seam ripper to carefully remove the stitching. This step takes a little patience – the sole will be needed as the template for the new ones:

    dog footie pajamas


  • You’ll be left with an open bottom:
  • Iron the sole piece smooth and flat.
  • Use the bottom piece as the template for cutting new soles. Cut the fabric while folded to get both the feet sides if the soles have definite left & right like mine did.

    footie pajamas for dogs


    Fabric Note: This anti-slip fabric is available in most fabric stores (in the utility/home dec section). A branded name for it is Jiffy Grip™. It’s a heavy weight fabric with raised plastic dots that is perfect for this use. Key tip: You can get a lot more, and for a cheaper price, when buying it cut from the bolt instead of the measly & overpriced package version in the notions section.

    footie pajamas


    Now this part is optional, but since I wanted mine to be a bit more durable and softer than the originals, I also cut sole pieces from anti-pill fleece to act as a lining. To keep the layers together (and from separating or wrinkling when washed), iron paper-backed fusible to the wrong side of the fleece.

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