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Dog pyjamas: cute outfits that help dogs with short hair stay warm at night – chihuahua clothes

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The thing was, though, that up until that point, I had only ever owned and fostered bigger breeds of dogs: labradors, pit bulls, boxers, and a cocker spaniel. I had never had a need to dress any of my dogs up in doggie sweaters or any of those K-9 coats or anything like that. My dogs were just always seemed to be warm enough without any additional help from clothing during the day or at night from little pyjamas for dogs!

chihuahua pajamas


Fast forward a few years: I get into a relationship, and my new girlfriend has a chihuahua and a yorkie of her own, and they both shiver at night-especially the chihuahua. В I had never lived with little dogs before so I had never seen this, but now it made sense to me! В These little dogs actually do benefit from wearing their cute puppy pyjamas while they sleep. В Otherwise, they jump up on the bed and try to burrow under the covers and snuggle as close as possible with me just to stay warm! В So it wasn’t long after meeting my girlfriend that I was introduced full-time to the vast world of chihuahua clothes and all theseВ different littleВ coats and outfits for dogs!

pajamas for big dogs


There were sweaters and coats, costumes, and yes: even little dog pyjamas that they wore at night. В I still find it a little funny, but now my little snuggle bugs come running over to me whenever I pick up a pair of clothes for chihuahuas in my house, practically begging for me to put them on them to make them more comfortable! В They love these little dog jumpers and puppy sweaters… all of it! В They look so cute all dressed up in their fashionable night pajamas for dogs!

dog fleece pajamas


Anyway, enough of my story. В I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that little dogs look adorable in their dog pyjamas. В I still find it a little funny and have to laugh sometimes when I see my little doggies running around the corner with their little chihuahua pajamas on, but I know it keeps them warmer and more comfortable at night, which is all I really care about. В I’ve built up quite a collection of these little night clothes for my little adopted pooches and I’ve tried a lot of different retailers both offline and online when buying dog pyjamas for my chihuahua and my other little dogs, but my favorite lately has been this store here: GW Little. В If you’re looking for a good pair of pyjamas for your little dog, click that link and it will take you to their selection, and you’ll find some of the best ones available. В I hope that’s helpful, I’ll talk to you again soon! -Michelle

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