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The pet professional guild – muzzle training

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How wonderful would it be if dogs were conditioned to love wearing their muzzles early on so that if they needed to wear one later in life, it would not be an aversive event for them?

puppy muzzle


The following scenarios illustrate why muzzle training is important for every dog:

  • Aggression If he bites, I’ll muzzle train him.
  • All dogs have the ability to bite. Most dogs display various warning signals prior to biting. These signals may be obvious, such as snarling or growling, or more subtle, such as ‘freezing’ or a quick flick of the tongue. Signals can happen extremely quickly and may not always be noticeable, so why wait for a bite to occur? When conducted properly, muzzle training will not create additional stress for a dog or interfere with an aggressive dog’s training plan. On the contrary, it ensures both dogs and humans stay safe in the event of management failure. It also protects the aggressive dog from developing a bite history, which carries ramifications that can severely limit quality of life.

    humane muzzle


    If he bites again, I’ll muzzle train him.

    If a dog has already bitten another dog or human, muzzle training should be the first priority. Muzzle training does not take the place of a thorough desensitization and counterconditioning protocol – as well as possible pharmacological intervention – to help reduce a biting dog’s fear and aggressive behavior, but it does prevent unnecessary suffering.

    plastic basket muzzle


  • Puppies My dog is a puppy. Why would he need a muzzle?
  • Puppy training is all about socialization. The goal is to prevent future behavior problems by giving the puppy positive, safe experiences with as many different people, dogs and stimuli as possible. Often, muzzle training is left out of the socialization mix. While puppies don’t need muzzles, the socialization window is a prime opportunity to form early, long-lasting positive associations with a muzzle and handling around the face. Most puppy classes now focus on desensitization to nail clippers, brushes, vacuum cleaners, and more. It’s time to add muzzles to the mix.

    muzzles for puppies


  • The Veterinarian
  • My dog already hates the vet.

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