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Longer muzzle – hawbucks franse bulldog kennel

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The first symptom of trouble is making sound when breathing. Unfortunately that does not automatically mean that dogs with silent breathing can have no breathing difficulties.

bird muzzle


Some breeders tried to breed the slanting nose back to a distinct nose length and wide open nostrils. They immediately noticed the difference!

gentle muzzle


Research conducted by Dogs Trust and UFAW has taken place in 850 dogs of over a 100 breeds. The results of this reseach are published in the magazine ‘PLOS ONE’. Researchers encountered that when the muzzle length became shorter, the risk of BOAS became significantly larger. Up to 90% in dogs with extreme short muzzles. BOAS was only seen in dogs with a muzzle length wich was less than half of the length of the skull. Obesity and a thick, short neck also were factors in enlarging breathing difficulties.

bulldog muzzle


But who gets to determine what is a ‘long’ muzzle, and what represents a ‘short’ muzzle? How long or short should the muzzle be? Anatomy plays a great role in this, it is important for other organs to fulle develop. In a short neck organs are compressed, which results in a shorter trachea.

canine muzzle


The neck takes care of balance in the head. The neck can only function properly when it is free in movement. It is common for French Bulldogs that they are not flexible at all, the neck can barely move. Head and neck almost become one. This dogs can not move freely, wich is obviously a burden.

Breeders must ensure a fully opened trachea and a normalВ esophagus, sufficient widht in the throat cavities and in the larynx. The palate must be free ofВ excrescent soft tissue. The tongue must not be too long and thick, and the nostrils must be open without tapering on the inside.

Just looking at muzzle length does not mean the rest of the elements are correct.

It is obvious that a snubbed nose with narrow nostrils and a short, wide neck should be avoided as much as possible.

It is a difficult topic. It can be confusing, but it is definitely much debated. The future of the French Bulldog breed lies in the hands of breeders, judges, breed clubs and owners. Let’s not throw that away. A French Bulldog is a dog that is supposed to have a short muzzle, but at the same time he must have tons of energy and resilience. A muzzle is a very important sense organ and it must be recorgnized as such from a side angle view.

Puppy buyers also have the power to tur the tides. When you are visiting a breeder, ask what they are doing to improve the overall health of the breed. Ask what the breeder undertakes to insure his animals are absolutely suitable for breeding. Only when there will be more attention for this problem we canВ solve it! It is hard to imagine how a French Bulldog must feel when it must fight for every breath of air.

Luckily more and more people are searching for a healthy French Bulldog. I hope that many breeders will see the benefits of health testing and sharing information!

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