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Rogue royalty leather muzzle – rogue royalty

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The crossfit leather dog muzzle is a fully adjustable dog muzzle designed to fit almost any medium to large dog. It is made from premium quality soft leather and the unique design is fully scalable to fit almost any dog muzzle or head structure.

leather dog muzzle


The muzzle is extremely secure and well made with a soft inner for your dogs comfort.

It comes with a heavy duty latch and is ideal to restrain the muzzle whilst still allowing the dog to breathe and take water.

muzzle for barking dog


The “Crossover” leather dog muzzle is made from premium quality leather and soft padding for muzzle and nose. В This functional and quality dog muzzle provides your dog with an open mouth and nose whilst at the same time providing good ventilation, restraint of bite and full functionality without havin the dogs mouth and nose enclosed. В This leather muzzle will prevent your dog from fighting, and В other behaviour related to use if the mouth. В The muzzle size is full adjustable and can increase or decrease to fit almost any type of medium to large breed.

mesh dog muzzle


The side of the muzzle has a quick release snap if emergency warrants a quick release or just for simple fitting and defitting.

short muzzle dogs


Fits breeds from bull terriers, Amercian staffordshires and up.

Available in black only.

TIP: Dogs should always be supervised/checked frequently when wearing any muzzle or trainining equipment.

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