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Muzzle? bad idea? – pitbulls : go pitbull dog forums

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My boy isn’t able to run because he is a punk as well lol he is fine and no worse off, still a dog (had someone tell me dogs who aren’t allowed to run outside aren’t dogs lol) I muzzle trained him for a few reasons. People around me illegally let their dogs off leash and it’s cheaper than a vet bill. I do worry about leaving my defenseless so I carry a bear spray fog so I don’t have to get it in their eyes and nose just spray the fog for the dog to run through and they have all u-turned after running through it. I don’t want to leave my boy defenseless without me being there to prevent something from happening as best i could. So letting him run off with a muzzle on wouldn’t let you protect him as you should be.

bane dog muzzle


Also during the boston marathon bombing people were not allowed into the crime scene for 8 days. On day 5 they allowed the police to enter people’s homes to retrieve pets who had been there when the attack happened. That a huge stress environment and they were grabbing multiple dogs at the same time and walking them to a location for the owners to pick them up. That is a situation my dog would not do well in. Close area tons of animals and strangers. I conditioned my boy to a muzzle in case he ever needs to be in close quarters with other animals, he and they are all safe.

little dog muzzle


The muzzle up project has a few different kinds of muzzles suppliers. My boy is a weird fit so I had to get it made.

nylon dog muzzle


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