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Dog muzzle with funny dog face will make you laugh

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Go Fetch It!

This light-hearted dog muzzle changes negative energy into a laugh.

“Stay away from that dog Jimmy!!” is something that parents will not say when they see your dog with this funny, smiley dog muzzle. Dog muzzles can create a negative energy around your dog, but with this fun, smiley face muzzle from Cesar Millan, your dog will still look friendly while protecting your dog and others. If you’re not sure your dog has aggressive tendencies this article will help you out. Check out Cesar’s video about this funny muzzle.

dog with muzzle


Cesar Millan’s Funny Muzzle Review:

Cesar Millan’s Funny Muzzle, as the name implies, is a muzzle that adds a lot of character and personality to a necessary dog accessory. When your dog bites, nips or otherwise needs a muzzle, it can be frustrating to see the reaction that people have when they walk by your dog and feel fear when you know that in most situations your dog is a lovely pet. This ‘funny muzzle’ by Cesar Millan ensures that your dog will not have the same stigma that other dogs experience.

funny dog muzzles


  • Pros of the Funny Muzzle:
  • Available in 3 fun designs
  • Reduces fear/stigma
  • Protects against bites and nips
  • Cons of the Funny Muzzle:
  • Easy to order the wrong size
  • May be easy for some dogs to pull off
  • These funny muzzles are a gentle, simple, fun way to protect against bites, as noted by animal expert Cesar Millan. Check out the Funny Muzzle, and you may want to pick up one in each fun design to add to your dog’s wardrobe.

    dog muzzle mask


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