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Wholesale – puppy bandana

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Please contact us to discuss any wholesale requirements – we don’t bite!

Do you come into contact with lots of puppies and dogs in your line of business or your leisure pursuits? Perhaps you’re a dog groomer, dog trainer or puppy school, dog sitter or involved in some kind of fundraising organisation, group or charity?

cool dog bandanas


You may have the opportunity to ‘spread the love’ and encourage other dogs and dog owners to become more fashionable, ‘Gok Chien’ rather than ‘Gok Wan’! Buy at wholesale prices and then add a little profit for yourself or a dog charity or other of your choice.

puppy bandana


Retailers, Gift Shops, Pet Shops and Pet Boutiques are all perfect places to successfully sell dog bandanas too.

puppy bandanas


Puppy Bandana offer wholesale deals and discounts for larger orders and we’re always happy to negotiate.

  • Dog Bandanas for Dog Groomers at wholesale prices
  • Wholesale Puppy Bandanas for Puppy Training Schools
  • Wholesale Dog Bandanas for Pet Boutiques
  • Dog Bandanas for Gift Shops and Retailers
  • Wholesale Dog Bandanas for Fundraising and Charities
  • Use of Puppy Bandana Website Content: (including our Branding, Photographs & Text)

    Many of the images displayed on our website have been very kindly provided by our customers and they are used only with their permission. If you have purchased any bandanas from us and you wish to represent the Puppy Bandana brand or product (even if you are selling it without the Puppy Bandana branded packaging) in your retail environment, whether that’s a shop or on the internet, we politely request that you obtain our permission to use any images, text descriptions, graphics and logos from our website prior to use. Thank you for your co-operation.

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