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Dog cooling collars evaporative cooling dog bandanas small to large dogs

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Cooling Bandanas are a simple but effective way to aid in cooling relief to dogs (people, too!) without spending alot or having to outfit your dog in a cooling coat. Dog Cooling Collars Cooling Bandanas may also be used in conjunction with a cooling coat for added aid of cooling relief but you will find the Cooling Collar Cooling Bandana really is enough to do the trick!

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From taking a walk around the block, going to the park, hiking and other outdoor activities the Dog Cooling Collar Bandana is a simple effective way to provide cooling relief to you and your dog.

dog christmas bandana


In a tubular shape, they are placed on you or your dog’s neck and are simply tied, are not intrusive and are very stylish, too! Soft and comfortable and made of 100% HIGH QUALITY color fast cotton bandana fabric.

Made with super absorbent crystals requiring less crystals than your less expensive ones on the market today, thus reducing the weight for your dog on his neck and the time in which is needed for activation!

How it works: Constructed using safe and non-toxic polymer crystals to provide effective cooling relief through evaporation. Simply soak in cold water for 3-5 minutes. Do not over soak. Blot excess water and place on you or your dog. The advanced polymers absorb water and convert it into cooling action. Remains hydrated for several days! Lasts for many seasons! Soak and reuse. While hydrated, may be stored in refrigerator or cooler between uses, air alone will promote cooling action of the crystals. Do not freeze. While in use, rotate on neck to restore cooling power to reverse side… recools itself while in use!

Polymer vs. ICE: Using polymers to obtain evaporative cooling benefits, you can simply blot (do not wring) away excess water before placement versus the mess of ice melting and running down you or your pet’s neck. Ice can have numbing benefits that may not be wanted for a cooling aid. No need to buy ice packs and wait for them to freeze… cold water is assessable virtually everywhere while ice or ice packs are not. Nothing to insert, nothing to freeze and no messy melt! More affordable and easier to use. Ice also adds unwanted weight around the neck which can cause discomfort to smaller pets.

Care: Allow for complete dehydration (may take several days). Hand wash in mild detergent, rinse and blot dry. Wringing out excess water can cause polymers to break, blot dry only. Use a small amount of mild soap and clean only the cloth. Recommended not to soak in soapy water, the soap will hydrate into the polymer. Air dry indoors. Do not store in a closed container. Do not machine wash. Do not freeze or microwave. Do not leave sit in hot sun/heat while not in use.

Care/Use Tips:

FIRST USE – REUSE: First use, soak in cold water for a full 20 minutes. Do not exceed 20 minutes. When in minutes 3-6 of soaking, gently massage (do not squeeze) the polymers to evenly distribute. Remove at minute 20, place on towel and blot excess water. Do not wring, do not press down. Gently blot. Take note of hydration level at this point for future resoaking. Reuses: Simply repeat process except the time needed for resoak depends on level of hydration at time of resoak. So not to over soak and cause damage to polymers, resoaks must be attended and collar removed when the collar swell is at same level is was at minute 20 of first soak. * For the Power Coolers the initial Soak will be an hour or so checking about every 15 minutes to massage allowing to soak until but not beyond crystals are at full swell.

DAMAGE TO POLYMERS: When polymers become damaged, they will seep through the fabric causing a slimy texture. If damaged, the collar should be disposed of. Damage to polymers occurs by over soaking, by wringing out instead of blotting, by squeezing rather than massaging to distribute polymers, leaving in heat/sun, by freezing, using too much soap and by events such as stepping on collar or running over with car or a bike. Prevent damage to polymers by properly caring for your collar and preventing any action to which would damage the polymers.

Storage: Do not store in a closed container. To store for next season, simply allow to dry, once all water has evaporated store in an airy place.

Materials: 100% Cotton Fabric and Polymer Crystals.

Safety: While the polymers are safe and non-toxic to humans and pets, they are not safe for eating. Supervision of children and pets for this product is strongly recommended.

Uses: For pets and people, too! The Cooling Collar Cooling Bandanas are terrific in hot weather to provide cooling relief to you and your pet during your pet’s walking and other activities. They truly work!

Available Designs:

Standard: Blue, Stars & Stripes, Blue Paisley, Red Paisley and Stars

Tropical Paisley: Orange Paisley, Blue, Red, Green

Power Cooler: Blue Paisley, Turquoise Paisley, Red Paisley

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